You’ve got questions? Press’d Sandwiches wants to answer them. Here are some common questions that we get from customers about our food and ordering process:

  • What is the minimum amount I need to spend on a catering order?

    You must place an order of at least $40 for us to deliver a catering order.

  • Where is delivery available?

    Generally within 25 km of any Press’d restaurant. Exceptions can be made for further deliveries, please contact us for details.

  • What are your delivery fees?

    • If the delivery is less than 25 km (round trip) the fee is $10.
    • A distance of greater than 25 km (round trip) is a $16 delivery fee.
  • Do I have to order online or are there other alternatives to placing an order?

    We encourage online ordering as there are many benefits to having an account set up with us. You have access to previous orders and the ability to build your order based on your budget. You can also give us a call on our catering line (1-844-666-9496) or e-mail our catering account ( to place your order.

  • How do I set up an account?

    It’s really simple! Click the ‘My Account’ button on the left hand margin. Then hit ‘Register Here’ and fill out the requested information.

  • I am placing an order, what choices do I have for ingredients or toppings?

    The items on our catering menu have specific recipes developed by our chefs to create new and exciting flavors for our customers. They are not build your own sandwiches. Although, if you’d like to make slight changes to an item based on food preferences, dietary restrictions or allergies; we’re happy to accommodate that for you!

  • Where do you source your ingredients?

    Press’d Sandwiches believes that it’s really important to source our ingredients locally when possible.

    • All of our chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, roast beef and corned beef are sourced from Canadian companies.
    • Our cheese is sourced from Canadian companies.
    • The Pomegranate Vinaigrette and Southwest Vinaigrette dressing we use on our salads is custom made by Blue Kettle Specialty Foods in St. Albert, AB.
    • We use Verry Berry Honey from a company is based out of Tofield, Alberta.
  • When is the deadline to place an order to get it by lunch time?

    We request 24 hours notice for all orders. If you have a last minute order by all means call it in, we’ll do our best to facilitate it. We don’t accept same day online orders.

  • What are your most popular sandwiches?

    We’ve noticed that The Bird, Club Press’d and the Blazing Buffalo are a few of our most popular sandwiches. The Southwest Crunch Wrap is also a huge hit with our customers.

  • How do you deal with potential allergens?

    Press’d Sandwiches is currently working on an allergy guide that we’ll be able to add to our website for the reference of our customers, but for now, please inform us when you make an order, we take all allergy requests very seriously and facilitate them as best we can.

  • If I am paying by credit card, when is my card charged?

    Your card is pre-authorized when you place your order. It is charged the night after your order is delivered.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Your food is prepared fresh the day of your order, but we do start making it early. Also, some components of your order may need to be prepared the day before. We would require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations to avoid any charges for the product.

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