Your students probably get really excited about a school provided lunch.

Press’d Sandwiches is a great school lunch option because we provide food your kids will appreciate and savour, but is also fresh and healthy. The adults serving the meal will be grateful of our dependable delivery and our attention to the potential for allergens in our food.


Press’d Sandwiches are Kid Friendly

Most kids absolutely love sandwiches! They will eat a lunch from Pesss’d with no complaints or fussiness. Some sandwiches we highly recommend and are great options to serve kids are the Ham, Turkey and Veggie. These are choices that your students will enjoy. If you do have some picky eaters, we can also remove ingredients upon request.

Press’d Sandwiches are a Healthy Option

We use fresh vegetables that are locally sourced; meats and cheese from Canadian run companies; and sauces from suppliers in Alberta on our sandwiches. Most of our sandwiches cover all of the food groups so growing children get the proper nutrition from a lunch from Press’d.

Press’d Sandwiches Stay Fresh

Sandwich are a great option for school lunches because your building can be busy place; it can take time to distribute the sandwiches to each classroom and then to individual students. Our food stays fresh and will keep crisp until kids settle in or of there is a delay in serving lunch. No soggy pizza for your students!

Press’d is Allergy Aware

We understand that some kids at your school may have allergies. Press’d Sandwiches makes every effort to be conscientious about labelling on our menu and informing teachers and parents about potential allergens. (Link to Allergy Guide when complete) If we are informed about a food sensitivity of allergy during the ordering process, we will take care to ensure that we avoid cross contamination when preparing your order.

Press’d Has Reliable Delivery

If you have ever placed an order for lunch and your school has been left with a room full of hungry kids because the food just never shows up, you’ll know that can be frustrating. We guarantee that you will receive your order when you place it online with Press’d. We will always come through with friendly, efficient delivery.

Press’d Sandwiches are Easy to Clean Up

School lunch rooms can be a disaster after your students are through with it! Sandwiches and wraps don’t make a lot of mess and are very manageable for kids to handle and take responsibility for their own clean up when they finish their meal.


Are you planning an upcoming school lunch? Take a look at our menu or click here to book your order online.

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